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Pet Protection System

  • Invisible fence
  • In-ground
  • Radio-controlled
  • Keeps your pet safely in your yard

Can your dog enjoy your yard . . . Safely?

Does your dog seem to get out mysteriously? Then you spend your time finding out how and then put a Band-Aid on it only to do it again?

If your answer is "yes," then you need Heaton's Lawn Maintenance 

to install the World's Best Pet Protection System.

In-ground and radio-controlled, this invisible fence system

has a manufacturer's Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Designed for dogs over 8 pounds, this system

will keep your pet safely in your yard.


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Do you like a yard that has clean lines, a feeling of openness, and an unrestricted view? Then we have the answer for you! Call us today at 804-862-LAWN for your free estimate so you can enjoy your pets and let them run freely without leaving your yard. Our system has a lifetime limited warranty. Because it is an in-ground system, you will not see the fence. It is radio-controlled and will not harm your pet. Call us today to get an estimate for your Pet Protection System.