• Sodding & Seeding
  • Tree & Shrub Trimming
  • Seasonal Mulching & Fertilizing
  • Landscape Maintenance


When it comes to landscape design and architecture, Heaton's Lawn Maintenance has the experience and skill to make your home or property stand out. Our goal is to create a balanced and inviting outdoor space that is appealing, useable, and sustainable.

Why should you consider us for hardscaping your property?
Hardscaping has many advantages - not only does it add character and beauty to your home or business - it adds value to your property. The benefit that you will enjoy immediately is that hardscaping requires very little maintenance.  

Heaton's Lawn Maintenance

is your "one call for all" services needed to maintain your property.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Grading                                                              Fence Repair

Bush Hogging                                                    Power Washing
Gutter Cleaning                                                 Painting Interior/Exterior
Hardscaping                                                      Snow Removal
Seeding & Fertilizing                                         Interior Cleaning
Aerating                                                             Pothole Patching
Leaf & Debris Removal                                     and more....
Tree Trimming